Spontaneity in France

A few weeks ago, I did something un poco loco.

The weather forecast for the weekend in Seville was 100º. This midwest girl just NEEDED to find some crisp fall air, wear cozy layers, and just escape the heat. On Thursday morning at 11am, my coworker and I were researching the cheapest flights out of Seville, and by 3pm I was in the air headed to Nantes, France. Booking a same day flight for a spur of the moment trip has been on my bucket list forever, and I was so excited to actually be doing it!!

I walked off the plane and, I kid you not, the air in the airport tarmac smelled of croissants. Yes, even the airport smells like delicious french pastries! As I got off the bus and walked towards my hostel, a classy man biked by with several baguettes casually sticking out of his backpack. The French!! I was all in for learning about the culinary culture (ie. finding all the local delicious food), which meant daily croissants, trying mussels (and surprisingly, loving them!), and enjoying crêpes at all hours. 

I hopped on (several) buses to Rennes and Mont Saint-Michel for a day, and the views were unlike any other place I’ve seen. Every corner was so picturesque! I speak a tiny bit of french, and had so much fun talking with everyone I could find, which definitely included lots of miming and gesturing. The wind was wild, the air was chilly, and the people so patient and kind.

Have you visited France? I already can’t wait to go back and explore more. 

Hope you enjoy!

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