What's a Swan Dive?

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What’s in a name?

Last fall, when Swan Dives Co. was just a dream, every run was a brainstorming session. So many miles were spent wondering what in the world to name this business? So many names passed through my head, and then on one run, this one stuck. I can’t take the credit because four years ago, my best friend/agent/fairy/angel Caroline had thought up the name for my (long gone) blog. Sitting in Boston traffic, she came up Swan, dives. A Swan (that’s me!) that dives into life head first. It was perfect, she’s brilliant, and it felt so right.

Swan Dives reflects something I’m passionate about and LOVE SHARING. (I'm so excited, I'm yelling!) Swan Dives Co. comes from my last name (hello!), but really it’s an idea. It’s choosing to move forward towards what’s good, true, and wholly you. It’s appreciating the small things and pursuing what puts a spark in your eye and makes you feel most alive. It’s so simple and encompasses so much. It’s single decisions, but also a lifestyle. It’s going forward and taking action, but also slowing down and soaking it all in. It’s big life moments and things that can seem small and unimportant. In all those swan dives, there’s so much beauty.

I fell in love with the name, but also having something that reflect how I try and live my life. I jump into things (without thinking sometimes) and love saying yes: yes to moving to another country, to learning watercolor, to becoming a runner (!!!), to fostering a dog, to starting a business! Yes to slowing down, to reading a book in the morning, to feeling the sun warming my skin, to choosing people over lists (and I love lists!). Yes to living out of gratitude and to being present where you’re at.

And I’m so excited to share this life of Swan dives, but even more to come alongside you as you dive in. To encourage you over a cup coffee, to cheer you on, and to capture your swan dives: the simple, meaningful things and those big life moments. Let’s #swandivedaily and practice a fully present life!

So, friend. What do you say, want to (swan) dive in together?

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