Hannah & Stephen

in which two of my favorites say i do

Is there anything more lovely than watching people you adore celebrate their love?

Hannah, who’s been like a big sister to me for as long as I can remember, and Stephen, who has an incredible knack for making people feel welcome and seen. They’re the kind of people who encourage you and make sure you know you’re appreciated. They’re incredibly thoughtful and look out for you and will give you the last of their eye drops when you’re in dire need of them. (I know from personal experience.)

And on a January day, they were married. There was so much joy bundled up in that day. It started out drizzly and grey, but still it felt warm and glowing. From the buzzing excitement as everyone got ready, to the joy in their first look and vows, to the party that was the dance floor (Free Willy dance and all!).

As I weaved in and out of conversations, moments, I couldn’t help the big smile on my face as I watched them, glowing themselves, so in love, and surrounded by their people, proud of them, cheering them on, celebrating their love.

And it was the loveliest.

Love you, H&S!